Talent Key Package 1 | $59.95 (per individual)
  • One Talent Key assessment passcode
  • 10-page Talent Key Profile and Motivation Results

FREE access to the following supportive materials via PDF download

(simply click on any of the titles below to see document cover and a brief summary)

  • Multiple Intelligences Student Learning Guide
  • Multiple Intelligences Discovery Guide
  • Multiple Intelligences Discovery Guide for Business
  • Teaching to Multiple Intelligences
  • Multiple Intelligences Management
  • A Coaches Guide to Multiple Intelligences and Motivation
  • MICubed Products and Resources

  • Enlightening scenarios on how each Multiple Intelligence would most likely:
‒ Make a bed
‒ Create an Email
‒ Cook
‒ Shovel snow

By saving your Talent Key Password you can access any updates and new features.

Talent Key Package 2 | $99.95 (per individual)
  • Personal 30-minute phone consultation teaching you how to apply your Talent Key Profile to school, work and every day life
  • Everything included in Talent Key Package 1
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*Talent Key Package 3
  • 1-hour phone consultation
  • 4-hour customized workshop on site*
  • Team and personal interactions
  • Everything included in Talent Key Package 1 and 2

Additional administrator benefits include:
  • Access to on-line mastery class
  • Statistical Analysis of scores for your entire organization
  • On-line support materials, i-pod cast, slide show, MI3 Resource Guide (under construction)

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