"MI Theory shows us that all people contribute to society through their own strengths!"
– Walter McKenzie



"If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."
– Michael J. Fox



"Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent students do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds."
– Diane Ravitch

Multiple Intelligences Cubed (MI3) is a dynamic research and human resource development team that specializes in Multiple Intelligences’ analysis, utilization and motivation. Our group includes educators, presidential committee members, authors, statisticians, and fellowship winners.

We assess and analyze both business and educational settings providing effective recommendations and applications.

MI3 is excited to partner with Voyant to provide powerful predictive modeling.
Voyant Analytics

The MI3 Talent Key was developed during a 6-year post-doctoral study of Multiple Intelligences Theory by one of the co-founders of MICubed, Dr. Kim Wiseman.

The Talent Key is unlike any assessment you have ever taken, and is recognized as a cutting edge tool that accurately identifies your dominant intelligences and motivations.

Individuals are provided a unique password which allows them access to the MI3 assessment through the “Take the Talent Key” button located on the top right portion of this site.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and the results are generated immediately in the form of an individual report that accurately identifies your dominant and secondary intelligences, as well as your motivations. An explanation of how your intelligences work in combination is also included.

The questions are equally balanced between words and pictures, which allows individuals to develop a sense of comfort by responding in both forms.