Recognizing there are multiple ways to solve the same problem allows us to explore the talents and human potential of the people we interact with each day.

These talents are revealed as intelligences and are the strengths and gifts that make each of us unique. Howard Gardner of Harvard University isolated seven different ways people process information and solve problems. He named them Multiple Intelligences.

All seven Multiple Intelligences are present in each human being. One individual intelligence is not more important than any other intelligence ... it is just the unique way our minds are wired. Multiple Intelligences determine how we each go about solving challenges in our professional and personal lives. The more open we are to multiple possibilities and solutions, the richer our life experiences become.

The 5 key points of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory:

  • All human beings possess seven distinct intelligences
  • Each individual has a unique multiple intelligence profile
  • Training and communication become more effective when materials and methods cater to their intelligences
  • Each intelligence occupies a different area of the brain
  • The seven intelligences may operate in consort or independently from one another



Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by identifying the natural abilities inherent to individuals and providing them with the knowledge, tools and training that will enable them to maximize those abilities.

Dr. Kim Wiseman, Ph.D., founder of Multiple Intelligences Cubed (MI3) assists businesses and educational organizations increase their employee/teacher engagement in order to attain the highest levels of contribution in the work place and class room. Dr. Wiseman developed The MI3 Talent Key, an instrument that identifies an individual’s dominant intelligences. This information provides organizations the tools to improve communication, motivation and problem solving strategies. She is recognized as an expert in the integration of Multiple Intelligences in the work place and in educational settings. Dr. Wiseman has provided numerous presentations and papers to school districts, educational organizations and businesses. Her work through MI3 continues to help educational institutions and businesses attain their strategic and market objectives in an ever-increasing global marketplace.

Tim Golden, M.Ed., has been an award-winning classroom educator and curriculum development expert for over 32 years. Currently, Golden is an Adjunct Professor of Science Education at Nebraska Wesleyan University and is working with schools across the country in implementing Multiple Intelligences to increase engagement and student retention, and focus on individuals’ strengths and the motivations that drive them to excel. Golden has been recognized with numerous awards for his modern approach to curriculum development using Multiple Intelligences and his leadership in teaching.

Dr. Gary Meers is the Vice President of Education at MaxKnowledge, providing leadership for the development and delivery of our training programs for career college instructors. His extensive background in career education includes research, consulting and training in the areas of instructor performance, curriculum development, classroom management, student motivation, learning and assessment. He has authored over 100 articles and conducted over 500 workshops on instructional improvement and professional development. Dr. Meers earned his Ed.D. from the University of Missouri with an emphasis on Vocational Education, Adult and Higher Education, and Instructional Media.